Supernatural is a phenomenon or power that happen unusual or uncommonly beyond world nature or beyond human capabilities. actually this force happen by accidentally (nature talent) or we can train such power with unusual training using alot of concentration. in this blog i will post about this phenomenon that not most people aware of it existence. so pay attention and might realize something new

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Mysterius Picture Part 1

These are some mysterious picture i found. u decide it urself to believe it or not. what u think it's real or not

Headless ghost caught on camera, personally i don't think it's real pic

These 2 pics is a ghost that we called kuntilanak. in next post i will post about the legend about them

Cobra snake wearing red crown on it's head. fasionable isn't?

Pocong ghost teroring people again :(. the first pic caught when someone funeral ceremony is held. suddenly appeared and people are running for sure. but someone did get his pic

Pic of Legian bom victim, they said so on the newspaper

this one is unique. pic of fish with human head.

legless ghost flyinng on daylight =))

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