Supernatural is a phenomenon or power that happen unusual or uncommonly beyond world nature or beyond human capabilities. actually this force happen by accidentally (nature talent) or we can train such power with unusual training using alot of concentration. in this blog i will post about this phenomenon that not most people aware of it existence. so pay attention and might realize something new

Friday, July 6, 2007

Mayan Calendar Prophet

Many believes That Mayan Calender system is the most accurate till now that ever exist in the world. (mayan calendar calculation is from 3113 BC till 2012 AD), they (Mayan people) stated that on year 2012, exactly on 21 december 2012 is the "End of Times". The meanings of "End of Times" are remain debated by scientist and arceologian till now. In this blog we are going to try to understand the meaning.

here are some people statement about the meaning of "End of Times" :

  1. Stop of the Time (the earth begin to stop it's rotation)
  2. Change the age from pisces to Aquarius (this one remain unclear)
  3. Change The age from silver age into golden age
  4. End of Times = End of the World as we know it
  5. There will be some huge galactic wave, that will stop all activity on earth. including the vanishing of human race
  6. change of the dimension from 3 to 4 or even 5
  7. human life will raise from dimension level 3 or 4. human DNA will increase from 2 strain to 12 strain
  8. some said there is nothing happen
  9. Time machine or stargate found, so people can travel from time to time. from galaxy to galaxy. causing the universe not balance anymore
  10. Rebirth of issa/jesust

in the famous mayan calendar. there are prhopet that on the year 1992-2012 the earth will be purified. and then human civilization that we know nowdays will end and enter a new age

on old world history, Mayan civilization known as a civilization that mastered astronomy. perfect calendar system, their astrology is very complicated and their method is highly abstract. this perfect accuration from their calendar system amaze people.

These misterious society live is south mexico (yucatan), now guatemala. north from belize and west from honduras. there are alot of pyramids, temples, and old architectur buildings build by Mayan. and till now those buildings remain exist, not affected by the time. some arceologian believe that Mayan have a very wonderfull civilization. this proved by the books, stone tables, and mystical story found in the area. unfortunately these books all burned by Spanish when they invaded their homeland on 1517, remain only some books and confusing calendar

American hystorian,Dr Jose Arguelles serve his live to study and research this civilization.he study about Mayan prophecies writen on calender fondation made by Mayan. this mayan prediction is similar with chinese calculation, by Zhou li. Basically the calendar is based on the outer space objects and the relationship with human. in Aguelles article, "The Mayan Factor: Path Beyong Technology" Published by Bear & Company on 1973, said that on the mayan calendar,our solar system are in 'The Great cycle' progress, the period of 'The Great cycle' is 5125 years. or 3113 BC till 2012 AD. in this 'The Great cycle' our solar system and earth move across a Galatic Beam from the central point of Galaxy. The diameter of this Galactic Beam is about 5125 earth years. in other word, if the earth pass this galactic beam, it will take 5125 years Mayan believes that all outer space objects on the galaxy after pass this "Galactic beam", there will be total change. Mayan called it "Galatic Synchronization". this cycle divided into 13 stage. every stage has a details records. Arguelles in his book uses alot of diagrams, each diagram has it own story about those stage. then he divided this stage into 20 evolution time. each evolution time take about 20 years.

From the 20 years (1992-2012), our earth are on the final stage of this big cycle. Mayan think that this important period for pre-Galatic Synchronization, they name it : The Earth Generetion Period . in this period the earth will reach total purification. after that, the earth leave Galactic beam and begin new era.

Actually if compared with nowdays research. there are change in the past 2 decades, the earth is on a mysterious cycle, called reverse on earth pole. this reverse of earth pole is a process where north pole become southpole and vise versa. when this completely happen, for a while the earth magnetic power will reach zero Gauss, mean that on the time the pole reverse the earth will be in a huge chaos

Acorrding to hyderabad computer calculation, this phenomenon can cause huge problem. not only all electric machine not

functioning. all migrating animals will lose direction and other such problem. here is the problem that might occur :

  1. Our body imune defense including all animals will be weaker
  2. Earth out layer will change. new vulcanic mountion might occur, tectonic movement, earth wave etc
  3. Earth magnetic power weaker and radiation will in cause cancer
  4. Outer space objects can easily break earth atmosfer
  5. Earth gravity will change. might be lower or higher

I personally don't believe in the mayan prophecies. but this is worth reading for u. to know how the mayan look at the world and the different or similarity with modern people though. i hope u enjoy reading this article

*compiled from many source


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What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this stuff true? I can't belive it!!!!!!!!!!

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2012 will be the end of an era, and consequently the beginning of another. Don’t get bogged down with all the negative connotations that certain people are trying to get us to swallow. We’re all extremely privileged to be witness to such a momentous occasion.